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Branding Really Does Extend To Online

brandAs a business it is essential that there is some form of continuity when it comes to your branding. What we mean by this is that the actual designs themselves, which means graphics and even the colors, all come together as one no matter if you are taking about a business card, leaflet, online advert, or your website. Why is this so important? Well, let’s look at the reasons.

Things Look Organized.

First, it is important that your branding gives off a feeling of being organized because people look at these parts of your marketing, and do not forget that branding does fall into that area, and instantly create some kind of an idea about your business. If it all looks rather disjointed, then the impression that they will form is that your business is exactly the same and it hardly inspires confidence in you does it?

You Look More Professional.

There is also no doubt that the continuity makes you appear far more professional and that is one thing that every business should search for no matter the market that you operate in. Professionalism is one thing that will always draw in new customers as it does help to begin to build a feeling of trust and expectation in a company and those are two very attractive traits.

It Looks Cheap If Things Are Different.

There is also the simple fact that if you do not have the correct flow between all of your branding, then people feel that you have just gone for the cheap option and that is hardly going to inspire them to buy from you. Do you want your business to look cheap? You do realize that even if you do operate at the lower end of your chosen market that looking cheap is still bad? Get that continuity and the impression that people will have of your business will change in an instant.

Those are several reasons as to why you need to make sure that your branding is the same, but our heading for this blog post spoke about online, so we have to look at what is important here so that you do not short change your business.

The Areas Of Online Branding.

When it comes to online branding there are a number of areas that you need to focus on. Of course your website is the main area, so you have to sit down with your designer to check that your branding appears on there with your logo, content, and even images. Some will also try to make sure that they include certain colors although this does depend on how they fit in with the design and how attractive they are on the eye.

However, aside from your website you also have to think about areas such as social media accounts and even directory submissions. Look at Twitter accounts for example. You have a header banner that you can use as your branding as well as a profile picture and it is rather useful if they match headers and logos on your website. The same goes for a Facebook profile or even LinkedIn, so ideally you should talk to your designer and have them produce the same banner in various sizes.

You also need to think about where else you can have banners or your logo appearing and make sure that they also fit in with your overall branding. Perhaps you appear on forums or you do some online advertising for your business? If so, it has to fit in with everything else for the reasons we mentioned above.

Surely People Are Less Worried About Things Matching Online?

So, we have briefly mentioned the areas of online branding that you need to focus on, but we also have to address this question. You see, one problem with people that deal mainly with the Internet is that they feel that this continuity is not as important. Indeed, some see the Internet as having more of a free spirit about it, but instead you need to look at it this way.

The Internet is the biggest marketplace to have ever existed. There is more competition out there than you are aware of and people use the Internet to come to a decision as to who they will buy from. Online is now perhaps even more important than offline branding, so you do need to make sure that you have the same logos, banners, colors, and content across every from of media no matter what it is.

Your Way Forward.

Hopefully we have managed to stress the importance of this branding, so what do you do next? Well, the best thing that you can do now is to look at your current branding and see what differences there are between the different things. You then need to do yourself a real favor and sit down with a graphic designer and your web designer to get advice on how it can all be pulled together so that it is coherant and professional.

Your branding will play a major role in people deciding to use your services or buy your products. Do not short sell yourself and make life harder by being disjointed as it is only going to be your profits that suffer and which business wants that to happen?

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