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Clamping Down On False SEO Claims

seo-picWhen it comes to Search Engine Optimization, everybody wants to be on the front page of Google as it does mean that your business will really take off in next to no time. However, as we all know, getting on that front page is not exactly that easy.

The reason why we are mentioning this is because of moves that Google have made recently against one company which claimed that by using their services you could dominate the front page. To Google, they claimed that the company in question was making various false claims and they felt that they had to take action against them as they were misleading their clients and making money from it.

Now, this is very admirable of Google to protect people in this way as there is no doubt that there are various companies out there that do indeed make false claims and such is the desperation of people to get on that front page that it is easy to see how they could be drawn in. However, the idea of dominating the front page of Google is something that is achievable, but it is how it is done that is the key.

In this instance, their main complaint with the company in question was also that they were claiming they were sub-contractors of Google, which clearly they were not happy about. For us, the part that does interest us is them claiming that it is impossible to guarantee getting on the front page and that is one thing that has to be explored further.

Getting On The Front Page.

It is perhaps slightly misleading by Google to make those claims because there are ways in which you can at least greatly increase your chances of getting onto that page for your desired search results. It is all a case of choosing your keywords carefully, doing the relevant work, and simply beating your competition. However, you do need to make sure that you also do this within the letter of the law in order to avoid being hit by the Google dance, but that is why you should only ever use a company that employs white-hate techniques.

The way that Google have worded their complaint makes it sound so difficult and it is hoped that this does not put people off using SEO companies that still state that they will provide you with a better chance of getting to those top 10 results. Clearly things such as budget constraints, competition for keywords, and even your location all play a part, but that is why you should always look at hiring a company that clearly knows what it is doing. You also want to know that they have the track record of getting fantastic results from SEO as this will give you confidence in their techniques and methods and start to believe that they can do the very same for you as well.

Should You Be Worried About Anything?

The fact that Google are asking for a jury trial for this SEO company based in California is seen by many in the industry as being a worrying turn of events, but should you personally be worried?

In all honesty, as long as you have used a company that has employed the correct tactics, then this is of no concern to you. However, something good may very well come from Google deciding to take action against a company because it will ultimately clean up an industry that is so aware of the money that can be made from companies that are desperate to get onto the front page that they will push the boundaries as to what is seen as being a reasonable way of acting.

However, as we said, Google may be correct in saying that nobody can guarantee getting on the front page, so it will also ultimately lead to people changing the wording to something very similar. Instead of guaranteeing, it will basically mean that people are told that their chances of getting on the front page can be greatly increased by using key services and as long as they do not then state that they are affiliated to Google everything should be absolutely fine.

The interesting thing from a business point of view is whether Google will go ahead and start to look at other companies that make the same claims as the one that they are in the process of tackling. To be honest, if that is something that they feel like doing, then they are going to be spending a lot of time in the courts around the world as the number of SEO companies seems to grow on a weekly basis and a quick search online reveals that a number of them all make that same claim about the front page.

As a potential customer, the advice that we give you is to be careful with who you use for SEO. Do your due diligence at all times and do not agree to anything until you have had detailed discussions. By doing this, you should at least then be using a company that is on the right side of Google and your website will not suffer as a result of your association with them.

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