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Senior Watchdog Inc – Behind the Design

Helping Seniors with the complexities of Medicare

When we design a website, one of the most important things we focus on is the user experience. A website that looks cool but is difficult to use misses the mark. For this company in particular, they focus on providing their services to Seniors around age 65 and over. The challenge of this design was to provide an intuitive user experience and a welcoming appearance for this demographic.

We wanted this design to be very approachable and easy to access for the older user base. Paying close attention to font choices and color contrasts, we were able to design a website for this client that is easy to read and one that guides the user through information easily.

Homepage Layout

We wanted the flow of the content to be easy to follow. By numbering the sections, it gives the front page a hierarchy of information that increasingly answers more questions the visitors of the site could have. Throughout the page, there are calls to action down to the final Get Help Now section. The intention of the frontpage was to give quick, important information to visitors of the site to aid them in making their decision of contacting the friendly staff at Senior Watch Dog Inc for help.

Interior Page Layout

The interior pages of the site contain a plethora of information relating to Medicare and the various services offered by Senior Watchdog Inc. Due to the volume of text on the pages, it was important to make sure to use appropriate font spacing and bold lettering.
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