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The Relationship Between You And Your Web Graphic Designer

When it comes to designing a website, there has to be a firm understanding between yourself and the web designer. However, you can also throw into the mix the relationship between yourself and the person doing the graphics because clearly having the wrong images or artwork on your website could have a detrimental effect on the end result.

graphic designer relationshipYou see, quite often the web designer is almost like the person that puts the jigsaw together and another person will be responsible for creating the various graphics and buttons that are then used to create the final picture. Obviously this does not apply when it is a one man band that is doing it, but the main thing is that everybody has to work well together in order to get the finished website that you have always been dreaming of.

To do this, you need to spend some time really putting across the ideas that you have for your website and also keep your ears and mind open to the suggestions that the designers will also come up with. You see, they can advise you on what is current in the world of design because the last thing you want is a website that looks out of date even though it is actually brand new. The ideas that you have may also sound good in your head, but in reality they could look completely different. Always remember that first impressions really do count when it comes to a website, so clearly you want to make sure that the website that you then own is looking fantastic and enticing to the people that land there.

So what actually happens with this relationship with the graphic designer?

Well, they are going to listen to what you want and also look at colors and styles of art that you already use elsewhere. They will look at what you do and draw inspiration from all of this because clearly it is in their own best interests to get it right at the first time of asking. They can show you examples of the kind of thing that is in their mind and they will pay close attention to all of the feedback that you then give them, so please make sure that you make your feelings known.

There has to be an understanding between everybody that the first mock up design, and there should be a mock up made, might not be the dream solution, but that is absolutely fine as it is merely to be used to see if people are indeed on the correct path. This mock up front page is your chance to tell them about the parts that you like and those that you are not so happy with and never be afraid to hold back. Instead, positive criticism is a good thing as long as they also have the right to criticize you and some of the ideas that you have.

Getting this blend in the relationship correct is essential for a quality end product. The graphic designer and web designer are going to work hand in hand throughout the project and of course when it comes to the graphics they can take some of the concepts and designs and use them for your marketing elsewhere. This is certainly one major advantage of using a company that can provide you with every single thing under the one roof as it just makes the entire process of having your website and marketing materials designed so much easier. Everybody knows what their roles are and understand what is expected of them, so there is a better chance of you loving the end result.

It is worth pointing out that this is not exactly going to slow down the process of having your website created and indeed the fact that there are graphic designers actively working on your project will have the reverse effect. How cool is it to know that people that understand colors and designs are going to produce something spectacular for your website? You just know in advance that it is all going to come together superbly resulting in a website that you can rightfully be proud of. The fact that it also does not cost you extra and is part of the overall design package is also a positive thing because do you realize how much a graphic designer costs to hire on their own?

What we are saying here is that, in order to get the website of your dreams, you need to make sure that you have a good relationship with not only the person doing the coding of your site, but also the person responsible for all of the artwork. There is much more to creating a website than most people are aware as they might just have one point of contact and that is, of course the web guy. Instead, you as the client should be heavily involved in every aspect and to let everybody know about your thoughts, ideas, and desires for your site. A good graphic designer can then take those ideas and run with them and who would not be happy with that?

A graphic designer is there to help, so use their expertise and you will be glad that you did so.


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