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Did you know that Webfoot Designs is a full stack application developer?  You might be wondering, what is a web application?  Simply put, an application is a code based program that handles tasks which are generally database driven.  In it’s simplest form, you can think of a contact form on a website as a mini-application.  The form collects the user inputted data, and depending on it’s configuration, that data may be stored on a web server in a database and the information is generally passed along to an end user by email.  This is a very simple application.

web application developerWe build and manage applications which are much more complex than a contact form.  Our lead developer and operations manager at Webfoot Designs, Brad Morrical, is a full stack application developer.  You can visit his personal homepage and technical blog found at BradMorrical.com.  He is proficient in PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Joomla CMS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Javascript, and much more.  When deciding the best way to build and implement an application, we would start by learning exactly what the goals of the application project are.  We need to determine exactly how the application needs to function as well as how the customer and their clients interact with the application.  Once we have a clear understanding of how the application should work, only then do we begin the coding phase and the application build out.

Is a website an application?

Well technically, yes, and many times it’s easy to confuse an application with a website.  While a website should be considered an application, in the context of what we are describing here it doesn’t quite meet the requirements.  Now don’t be confused, we have been building websites since 1997 here at Webfoot Designs and that remains a primary focus of our design shop.  But we also build heavy application and database driven systems for our customers tailored around their very specific business needs and requirements.  These applications generally service very specific functions and is a program where the customer and their users have an easy and intuitive system to navigate and work within, with a robust foundation which focuses on functioning at peak performance.

We know how to bring it all together.  From the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX), to the database portion which holds all of the data, to the back-end programming which ties it all together;  We know how to build your full scale application.  We can ensure that all the data is secure, and any information passing into or out of the system is done with industry best encryption techniques.

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