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Using Mobile Marketing to Boost your E-commerce Website

Considering the sheer number of people that use their smartphones in order to surf the Internet, it is no surprise to discover that mobile marketing should really form an integral part of your approach to building your e-commerce brand. Remember, failure to market yourself to this considerable proportion of Internet users can only hamper your attempts to really establish yourself online.

However, in order to do this you do need to spend some time thinking about how to market to them because clearly you want to get the best ROI possible. So, here are five methods that can make life that little bit easier.

1. Make sure your design is responsive.

This is the absolute key, your e-commerce website needs to have a responsive design or else you are going to ruin the experience that the individual is going to have when they check out your website on their smartphone. A responsive design means that the website is going to work beautifully for them and if they are able to navigate, then they are going to be able to buy from you and that is what you want is it not?

2. Use mobile advertising.

There are various avenues to explore when it comes to using mobile advertising and that is obviously going to then have an impact on how smartphone users come across your website. It is always best to consider trying to set aside a reasonable sum of money for this part of your marketing simply because of the returns that you are able to generate in response to this specific form of advertising. Spend time getting to know companies that specialize in this type of marketing as they can help you to build an effective campaign from the ground up that will generate results.

3. Use social media.

Social media is perhaps the main reason why people go onto the Internet via their smartphones, so you want to take advantage of this and make sure that you have built your social media presence right from the very beginning. You should already have all of this set up since it needs to be a central part of your entire marketing, but keeping that point to one side just now, there is a very real need for you to be able to link your social media profiles to your website so that smartphone users can move between the two without any problems. The social media websites are already optimized for mobile users so it is just a case of making sure that they can go from point A to point B.

4. Email marketing.

When we talk about email marketing we are actually being rather specific as we mean marketing that deals purely with it being mobile friendly. Now, you need to capture their addresses by getting them to sign up to your newsletter as you cannot just go ahead and spam people since that is only going to annoy them and really get their back up and that is hardly going to lead to you generating a number of conversions.

However, making sure that the marketing emails that you send out are able to be seen on smartphones and that they can then take the appropriate action is going to make a huge difference to your conversion rates. The people that have signed up for your emails are already showing an interest in what you are doing so they are going to be primed to buy.

5. Remember your content.

Finally, you have to remember your content and there is a very real need for it to convert and this applies even if you are not focusing on mobile marketing. However, people on smartphones are not willing to spend hours trawling through your content so you have to get it right to the point and make sure that they understand what you are saying instantly. It looks horrible when they have to go through line after line of content as they are going to lose interest so even if you do love to write makes sure that you do not go on and on as that is going to be counter-productive for you.

So, there you have it, five ways in which you can help with your mobile marketing and making sure that you boost your e-commerce website. Now, we are not saying that this is going to be a fool proof way of increasing your sales as you still need to make sure that the items you are selling is up to scratch. However, that is all on your own back but do not be afraid to use the services of a company that specializes in Internet marketing and especially mobile marketing because this part of the market is just getting bigger and bigger and there is every chance that you could be losing out on a considerable amount of money if you do not take the correct course of action.

Some Key Points for Those E-Commerce Product Pages

Now we know that e-commerce is massive business and that so many companies are making a fortune from their online store on a daily basis and that is pretty cool. The Internet is the biggest market to have ever existed, but of course with that comes a problem in that it also means that it is home to the biggest amount of competition.

We could go on about strategy and sales techniques but that is not our business. Instead, what we are going to focus on is the layout of the product pages as the way in which they are designed and appear to the customers is going to have a profound effect on the chances of them going ahead and actually making that purchase.

1. Deal with the images.

You need to be able to catch the attention of the visitor to your page and the best way of doing this is by using large and clear images for the products. You do not want the visitor to have to strain their eyes to see what they will be buying and another tip is to make sure that they can zoom in on various aspects so they can see every tiny detail.

You will often find that a customer is going to make their decision as to whether or not they want to purchase something just by the image so if it is too small and grainy, then you are just making life harder for yourself.

2. Where possible give a 360 degree view.

This follows on to the point regarding the images but you should really look at providing a 360 degree view of the product wherever possible. This is going to really replicate the way in which they would view a product in real life and it gives them a better idea of what they are spending their money on.

3. Have a strong call to action button.

Any page needs to have a strong call to action element to it if you are serious about converting those visitors into buyers and in this instance we are talking about a strong button whereby they can purchase the item or add it to their basket.

This button has to really stand out so they are feeling drawn to clicking on it as that is often the most difficult part to get through from a sales perspective. You certainly do not want them to have to hunt for the section where they can add it to their basket as that is not going to help you in the slightest and that is why you will tend to see the button close to the image and near the top of the page so they feel drawn to it.

4. Make sure people can trust you.

This point fits in with the increased fear that people have regarding fraud via the Internet. We love to see logos of companies such as TrustE, Comodo, BBB and many others as it makes us feel safer and believe that we can go ahead and make that purchase without having to be concerned for our safety.

This is something that you really do need to work on by getting yourself verified and adding them to the product pages. By doing so, you will see a marked increase in the number of sales that you achieve simply because people feel that they can buy with confidence.

5. Show the discount price.

If you are selling something at a discount, then make sure that your product page is set up so that it shows the original price and what people are then saving. This is going to compel the individual into taking action when they see that they are getting an absolute bargain and they will also want to act fast as they will believe that they are going to miss out and have to pay the higher price if they are not fast enough.

6. Make sure the description makes sense.

Finally, when it comes to the product description then make sure that it is easy to find and, most importantly of all, that it actually makes sense. You want to have it written for the normal everyday person and have a short summary close to the image with a fuller description further down the page. Breaking it up into easy to digest sentences will avoid swamping the customer with information at the one time allowing them to better understand the product and then make a decision as to whether or not they want to make that purchase.

Now, we are not saying that these are all of the points that you need to take into consideration when you are going to be launching your e-commerce website but they are certainly things that you have to think about just to make the pages clearer than before. The design and layout is so important so think carefully about the placement of everything before you launch your website.

Your Design Influences Your Conversions with E-Commerce Websites

When it comes to you having an e-commerce website there is more to it than simply designing the site via a tried and tested formula and throwing products on there. Instead, it has been proven time and time again that the design is going to have a direct influence on your potential conversions and surely any business is going to want to be aware of how to increase their sales without doing too much in the process?

The problem is further exacerbated when you realize that the average conversion rate for the majority of e-commerce websites sits at a rather paltry 2% and that shows how many visitors and hits you are going to have to get just to then make any decent sized income. Now, surely when you discover that it is such a small percentage that you will want to do anything you can to improve the chances of those visitors then going through the checking out process?

Well, according to different studies of e-commerce websites there are several things that may improve those chances and they are not even that difficult to implement.

Dealing with the Images.

Wherever possible make sure that you never just use stock images of products as that has a tendency to make your website appear as if it is effectively just a cut and paste job and that is hardly going to be inspiring for them. Instead, try to have different images rather than just the norm although clearly they do have to show off the product in order to make it more attractive.

With the images, you should also make sure that you include various thumbnails that show the products from different angles. This is going to provide the customer with even more information and will make it easier for them to decide if they should go ahead and make that purchase.

Dealing with the Layout.

If we then think about the layout because you cannot just throw stuff onto a web page and hope that it is going to start to work for you. Instead, there are several key areas to focus on that will make life so much easier and hopefully increase the number of people that are going to go ahead and make those purchases.

First, you should always have a strong header on your home page as this is really going to help frame the entire page and make your website look far more professional. It should also be capable of telling people what you are all about and what they can expect if they venture further into your website. At the same time, you should always have things such as contact information and links to social media profiles on the footer part of the website and never leave it blank. Also, you might want to use this space in order to really push on with your call to action as this is your last chance on your home page.

Furthermore, do not be afraid of white space on your pages as that is going to give a better balance rather than just cramming in as much as you can to fill it up. This will only lead to some confusion and people will then be put off your website pretty much from the moment that they land there. In addition, do not have extensive parts of text all together because that is also going to hurt the eyes and people are just not willing to sit there and read it all.

Dealing with the Design.

Finally, we have to think about the design because this is also going to play an important role in increasing your conversion rate. First of all, you need to make sure that it is a responsive design so that it works for anybody that ventures on there no matter the device that they are using. This is huge because mobile and tablet usage is continuing to increase so if you do not provide them with an adequate experience then they are simply going to go elsewhere.

Also, do not include too many potential options on any page at any given time. Make sure that the design has a focus and that the focus is clear and draws people in. This has to also include the menu bar on a page because even though you may have a number of different categories it does not mean that you should go ahead and include too many categories. Keep it neat and you will benefit from it.

Basically, what we are saying here is that if you want to at least try to increase those checking out rates then you need to pay attention to your website and in particular your home page. Avoid putting too much on there and make sure that your design draws in the person rather than spinning them out of control. Remember, you want it to be a pleasant experience for them so make sure that is what you provide to them.

How Ecommerce Websites Are Evolving

ecomm-holidayAs you are no doubt aware, there is a real increase in the number of people that are now purchasing items from the Internet all around the world. It seems that we have finally managed to rid ourselves of this fear about buying things online and, instead, have become used to the concept of going online, filling our virtual shopping basket, and then waiting for the items to be delivered to our door.

There is no doubt that the practicality of it all is impressive, but the one thing that you are perhaps not aware of is the need for owners of ecommerce websites to keep on top of the evolution of this type of website. Indeed, if you were able to go back in time just a few years you would see how far these websites have come in a relatively short period of time and you would probably be shocked at how basic they used to be in the not too distant past.

However, just as with other types of websites, things are still constantly evolving and it is always useful to refresh our memory as to what is expected from these sites in order to predict what the future is probably going to be like.

The All Important Homepage.

If we begin with that all important homepage, then it used to be the case that ecommerce websites would have a plethora of products blasted all over it and you could see the sense in this approach. They were clearly trying to catch the attention of each visitor by showing them as many products as possible in order to tempt them into buying.

However, it is different now as typically the number of products that appear on a homepage has been reduced by a considerable amount. Now, the top of the homepage tends to be taken up by what could only be described as a virtual billboard with large adverts for products that are for sale with the items themselves hidden inside the various links.

This shows a change in attitude and an increase in the belief that there is no longer the need to do the immediate sale with an ecommerce website. Owners are quite comfortable in the knowledge that people know how to navigate these websites and that the visitors will indeed do that if they want without being hit by product after product.

Large Category Lists.

One change that is rather interesting is how the website is structured when it comes to the list of categories. Some websites are now looking at initially providing the visitor with a shop button that then leads them to an in-depth category list all on the one page, but rather than being listed down one side it acts as the central content for that page.

What will tend to happen is that there will be a main image for a particular main category heading followed by sub-categories being listed below it. That page will then open up its own tab showing all of the products and it then means more space on the page can be dedicated to the items rather than constantly having a long list of categories down one side.

Dynamic Products.

If we now look at the most important part of the ecommerce website, the products.

It is fair to say that the layout and design of the product listings is one area that has really come on leaps and bounds in recent times as website owners have realized that potential buyers need as much information as possible to help them to make their decision as to whether or not they will buy the product.

Due to this, there is no doubt that each product listing becomes like its very own advertisement. Now, it is common for products to have a number of images to really sell it and, where possible, a short video clip in the product listing can also work wonders.

There is also a tendency to include far more details about the product in question and one interesting development is the realization that the cross sell is also important. That has led to the use of prompters at the bottom of the product page that show you other products that could go with what you are looking at or, in the case of Amazon, it will tell you other products people have been looking at when they have bought the initial item.

The one thing that we have to say about ecommerce websites is that they are now far more professional than ever before and getting around them is also easier with the knowledge that they need to take tablets and smartphones into consideration as well.

There is less a sense of them being disjointed as websites and the flow is far superior to earlier incarnations and perhaps it is the improved design of these websites that has also led to an increase in online sales.

The future of ecommerce websites is certainly secure and it is difficult to see how there can be any wholesale changes that can improve the experience that is had by visitors. Things are smooth, product listings are fantastic, and buying online is safe, so it is impossible to see how anything could go wrong.

How To Get The Most From Your Ecommerce Website

You will of course be aware of the constant increase in popularity of purchasing items and services via the Internet and the web is clearly the biggest marketplace that has ever existed. However, this in itself results in you having to deal with another problem and that problem is how to get the most out of your ecommerce website when there is so much competition around.

getting more from your ecommerce websiteIt does, at times, appear as if everybody is trying to sell something online via a website, so this means that you need to have the correct strategy from the outset to give yourself any chance of your website becoming a success. It is no longer enough to just believe that you have the products or services that people want, so that will always mean that you are going to win because that is just not going to happen. Instead, if you adopt the “sit back and they will come to you” attitude, then you are just lining yourself up to fail.

Getting Ecommerce Correct From The Start

So, let us look at things from the very beginning. Clearly you need to have a well laid out website that contains all of the relevant details on the products or services that you have to offer and the payment section needs to also be working. This is where discussions with you web designer are key because you need to tell them the categories you are looking for with your website, product details, prices, and anything else that ultimately determines what your website will look like. Do yourself a major favor and be willing to spend a considerable length of time talking to the designer to be absolutely certain that what will emerge at the end of the design process is exactly what you are looking for.

Using SEO To Improve Ecommerce

Search engine optimization still plays a major role with your ecommerce website and, once again, this is something that your web design company can help you with. However, the way in which you need to target individual keywords is slightly different with this type of website.

The key here is that various links to your individual products need to appear whenever an individual carries out a search using those terms. Go and look at what happens when you search for a specific product. You will see that Google love to promote the shopping part of their search engine and this is something that you need to take into consideration.

Make sure that your products are visible, use SEO with every single listing, and give your designer the freedom that they require in order to provide you with the best possible SEO package that is going to ultimately give you the exposure you deserve.

Using Social Media To Improve Ecommerce

Next, we need to look at the role social media plays especially with Internet marketing. Having links on social media websites will also boost your SEO efforts as Google do love what are known as social signals whereby certain products or services are being shared between an official website and the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

It is absolutely essential that you have a presence on various social media websites including YouTube where it could be a good idea to create short slideshows as movies to help promote your products as YouTube really is loved by Google.

However, just having your profile up there is not enough because instead you need to be active as this is a wonderful opportunity for you to engage with potential customers and really tell them more  about your business. Find your market on these sites, approach them in a friendly manner, interact, post special coupons or deals on your page, and build a targeted following that you know are primed to spend money on your website.

So, What Do You Do?

To try and summarize things, you need to spend a lot of time getting your website just right as it is better spending an extra week doing this and winning than rushing it and missing out on a lot of sales.

Next, prepare to spend money on SEO and remember that it can take some time for the work that has been done to be reflected in changes with where you appear on the search engine results pages. SEO for ecommerce websites generally follows the same ideas and theories, but with a specific need to carry out some work on individual products and categories to give them the best chance of standing out.

Finally, make sure that you use social media to your advantage because ignoring this section of the Internet is professional suicide. Use it as a main part of your marketing and interact with potential customers as this is your best chance of being able to personally influence their decision as to whether or not they will spend cash with your business.

Running your very own ecommerce website can be exciting, but it can also come with its tough times if you do not do things correctly from the outset. Have a clear idea of what you want and make sure that everybody involved in the creation of the website is on the same page. After all, you do not want to do something that could give your competitors an unfair advantage over you, do you?