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March 12, 2015
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2015 Image Design Trends

02 February, 2021

It is easy enough to look at website design trends and to then determine how you can shape your website accordingly, but it is often the case that one important area is overlooked. What are the images going to be like?

2015 Designs TrendsYep, even images have trends with how they look and where they are placed on your site and in the eyes of many they are what is responsible for making your website pop. So, what can we expect in 2015?

Big And Beautiful

The first thing is that there is a trend for a site to have at least one image that is both big and beautiful at the same time. This main image has to be a real show stopper and will really dominate the home page and you are helped here by the fact that the quality of these larger images just continues to improve.

The use of stock image websites will make life easier for you to find the perfect one for your website as they have millions of images covering such a wide range of topics. Go for the highest resolution possible for the size that you need to really wow your visitors from the moment that they hit your website.

The Use Of Semi-Flat Design

2013 saw the emergence of flat design images, but in 2015 we are looking at semi-flat being where it’s at. The entire idea here is that the image creates a kind of 3D effect on your site along the sides while the actual image itself stays flat to the page. This is mainly being done with buttons and drawn graphics rather than photographs, but it is certainly quite effective with the look that it creates.

Try using this approach for those links to your social media pages or logos just to give your site that extra lift and bring it to life.

Creating An Experience Through Rich Content

Using rich content to really produce an experience for the visitor to your website might use up a substantial amount of your budget, but it can offer them something completely different from the norm.

The idea is to produce longform articles that include a lot of media, either images or even video clips with narration, in order to really put across certain points. This is aiming to replace the usual form of long articles as it is known that breaking it up visually makes it easier for an individual to remember the information and to process it accordingly.

The Use Of Typography

Mixing typography with images is big in 2015. However, great care has to be taken over the forms of text that you use because big and bold is better than small and old. If you thought that you were limited to the likes of Aerial or Times New Roman, then you are wrong. Instead, go for something unique that ties in perfectly with your website and what it is all about.

Do not be afraid to use something different and make it big so that it grabs their attention as soon as they land on your site and use a variety of fonts just to spice things up a bit. If you thought that the text on your website had to be plain and boring, then you are going to be stuck in 2014 rather than 2015.

The Use Of Hand Drawn Illustrations

Hand drawn illustrations have been around in the world of Internet marketing for some time, but now it has made the leap into actual websites that the general public are going to check out. They might be difficult to produce, although obviously help is at hand, but there is no doubt that they really do grab the attention because are we not all fascinated by animation?

We are not talking about something along the lines of a Pixar movie, but rather shortish clips that has some simply drawn illustrations that manage to press home the point that you are trying to make. However, we recommend that you do not overdo this on your website as it could end up looking quite cheap and boring.

The Use Of Background Video

If you thought that it was just about still images, then think again. Instead, 2015 is going to see an increase in the use of background video on websites and this is possible thanks to people having better Internet connection so there is less lagging.

The cool thing about using video is that it really does bring your website to life in a brand new way and with it playing in the background it also feels as if it is less intrusive. However, as with other forms of media it is always better if you do not overdo it because then you could be looking at a few issues for people that perhaps have not caught up with the modern day broadband speed.

There is no doubt that, from a design perspective, 2015 is going to be quite exciting. Technology is still improving and as can undoubtedly look forward to some pretty cool websites being produced. Make sure that you are not left behind with your own website and get some professional advice on how to spruce it up and bring it up to the modern day. Give us a call now to arrange one of our team to discuss your needs.