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Search Engine Optimization

  • Why you need SEO

    SEO involves using a number of tried and tested techniques and methods that will make your website more visible to the search engines. This is important because the more visible they are, then the higher up the results pages you appear and this, in turn, leads to you getting more traffic.

    From a business perspective it is simply playing the numbers game because the more visitors you get, then the more customers you will have, and your turnover will improve as a result. However, neglect SEO and your website is going to fall down the results pages until it is in Internet obscurity and with nobody knowing you exist you will have to rely on other forms of advertising and marketing in order to make your mark.

    There are several things that contribute to the length of time that it takes SEO to show some kind of returns for the work that is carried out. First, you need to grow various aspects of it slowly and in a more organic fashion. This was certainly not always the case in the past, but Google then clamped down on those individuals that sought to break the rules.

  • Why you need a professional company for SEO

    Even though you could learn the basics of SEO yourself it is still important to use the services of a professional company such as Webfoot-Designs when it comes to search engine optimization. The problem here is that Google is forever updating the way in which they calculate the results and things that you did before that were legal could no longer be as important and your website will suffer as a result.

    We keep track of these changes and then come up with alternative strategies to reflect these updates so as your website continues to rank as high as possible. This means your business should not see a downturn in turnover, which will sadly occur if your website is allowed to fall down the rankings.

    What we as a company can do for your website.
    Webfoot-Designs only ever use what is known in the industry as white hat techniques. What this means is that the methods and techniques that we use are in accordance with the rules and regulations as set out by the likes of Google. Failure to adhere to their terms and conditions can lead to your website being punished and that is why you should only ever use a company that follows the rules and does so to the letter.

    What we do is we look at your site, examine the keywords that are used, look at not just the number of backlinks you have, but the quality of them, look at how you are marketing your business, and also examine what your competitors are doing. All of this will then help us to create a plan of action for your site as we see how we can get you as high up those rankings as possible.

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