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Sell Your Products Online

Creating your eCommerce website.

It is now the case that people are no longer afraid to spend money online. In the past people were rightfully wary about purchasing products that they had not seen in person and putting their payment details on the Internet in order to complete that purchase. However, due to vast improvements in online security this is not the same issue as it used to be and indeed people have changed their attitude when it comes to eCommerce in general.

Today, a lot of people will now spend some time looking for products online instead of going into a physical store especially when they are looking for products that they do not need in an emergency. They are drawn in by the fact that product images and descriptions are now more detailed than ever before as well as being able to read reviews about products before hunting them down.

Here at Webfoot-Designs we use WordPress and Joomla to create your website and both have a wonderful eCommerce solution that will work perfectly for any business. A member of our team will spend time talking to you in order to learn more about the products that you sell. This allows us to create the framework for your eCommerce website including the setting up of the appropriate galleries and it also gives us an idea as to how many products need to be listed.

Our team will also learn more about your shipping and tax procedures and will work closely with you to make sure that payments taken online do indeed go to your business bank account with everything running smoothly from the very beginning. We will also discuss in some detail your shipping options in order to find the best one for your business and then have that implemented on your website.

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