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Dynamic QR Codes Are The Way Forward

Have you ever considered using QR codes as part of the marketing strategy for your business? You know the things we mean as they are those squares that look all messed up, but when scanned with your smartphone opens up a whole new world of possibilities. However, in the past, QR codes were not as effective a marketing tool as they should have been, but that has now changed thanks to the invention of the dynamic QR code.

The older versions.

With the older versions you were able to use the QR code to provide the person scanning it with a whole host of information. This could include your contact details, it could take them to your website, to call you, save your information to their phone, or even tell them about some amazing special offer that you had available. However, this code had a problem. After it was created you were stuck with the information that it could contain and if you wanted to change something, then you had to alter your complete marketing campaign and how expensive and annoying would that be?

Imagine how much of a logistical nightmare it would be if you had printed the QR code on thousands of leaflets and distributed them only to discover that something was wrong. Would it not be better if there was an alternative available?

The new dynamic QR code.

QRC CodeThankfully, that alternative is now available as we are able to provide you with the dynamic QR code and even though they look the same, and do the same job, there is one major difference. Thanks to them being dynamic it means that even if you get a QR code designed and put it all over your advertising it is still possible to change what happens when it is scanned without altering the code itself.

Basically what this means is, say for example, you get us to produce a QR code linked to a special promotion that your business has and you put it on posters and leaflets. You can keep those same leaflets and distribute them even if you then want to change the special offer as we make those changes behind the scenes in the programming of the code rather than altering the graphic itself. This change in how they are made will save you a major headache in producing your marketing materials as you can stick with the one design and one QR code and just get us to change what it means or what it leads to.

The benefits of this new type of QR code.

By understanding the benefits of this new type of QR code it does make it easier to justify the low cost of having it created in the first place.

The first benefit is that this small square is capable of providing potential new customers or clients with a wealth of information about your business and do so instantly as was mentioned at the outset.

Next, the majority of people now have a Smartphone and can download a free app that allows them to scan these codes. This opens up a new market for any business and having a QR code portrays you as being up there with technology.

The third benefit is of course that these dynamic codes can be altered without destroying your existing marketing material saving you money while allowing you to promote your business in a new and exciting way.

Contact us today to find out how our dynamic QR codes can indeed help your business, so call to arrange an appointment with one of our team.


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