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How Graphics Can Make Or Break Your Website

Just how important is the use of graphics on your website? In all honesty this is the one thing that can really make or break your entire site as it is the graphics that will create that all important first impression. In other words, get them wrong and it does not matter what you are selling or saying as people will simply click off, but how do you get it correct in the first place?

Graphic Design Can Make Your SiteWhen Graphics Can Become Too Much

First, we need to look at the simple fact that there are cases where graphics can easily become too much. You go onto a website, they hit you in the face, and you are so taken aback by the graphics that you largely forget what the actual website is about.

Now, that tends to mean one of several things. Perhaps there has been a lack of communication between yourself and the graphic designer, so you are both looking at different things and completely different ideas. This does not bode well for your website because this lack of unison will tend to always lead to misunderstandings and one party, which means you, will end up being disappointed. After all, how is the graphic designer going to be able to produce exactly what you want if you do not tell them?

However, perhaps this has happened because you actually do not know what you want? You might not have done your research to see what other people are doing and the role that graphics play there.   This is of course entirely your own fault, but it can ultimately lead to you having a website where you might feel that the graphics are fine, but they are just not what is expected from a modern website.

The Impact Poor Graphics Can Have

Let us assume that you have indeed gone ahead and had graphics produced for your website that are over the top. Understanding the impact that these graphics can have on the visitors to your website is clearly going to be important as it is always advisable to have a site that is pleasant to the eye and which actually makes it easier to navigate around the website.

How do you feel if you see an advert that is just too loud and yet tells you no information whatsoever? Of course it is annoying and you will quickly get to the point where you will simply switch off from trying to understand whatever it is that the advert is trying to tell you. Take these same feelings and apply them to your website because that is how your visitors will feel if your graphics do the same.

You need to remember that your website is there to promote your business whether it be service based or product based. It is supposed to be informative, useful for your visitor, have a point of existing, and be easy to navigate. Graphics are supposed to compliment a website and not detract from its main reason for being there. If graphics overpower a website, then there is less chance of your visitors doing what you actually want them to do, which is either buy something or contact you for more information.

So, What Do You Do?

Clearly poor graphics can have a detrimental effect on your website, but what do you actually do? Perhaps the main key is to do your research before you even think about having a website designed.  This will give you a better idea of what it is that you actually want in a site and, in turn, you will have a better understanding of the types of graphics that work best for you. It is perhaps even an idea to save some examples of sites and the graphics that they use in order to then show your own developer.

The other main thing that you need to do is to actually have a discussion with your developer. Listen to their ideas, compare them to your own, and then see the kind of end result that you will then be able to come up with. Working as a team always produces the best outcome as everybody knows what they are wanting to get out of it and both client and designer can be content with the finished article.

In Other Words

What we are saying here is that you the client need to have some degree of input when it comes to the graphics for your website. It is not good enough to just leave it in the hands of the designer no matter how good they are because they need to get inside your head and know the kind of thing that you have in mind for your site.

Communication is key as is your own research. A designer can advise you on what the current trends are, and it is advisable to listen to them, to make sure that your site looks fresh and modern rather than stale and stuck in the past. By just working together the chances of mistakes being made are going to be reduced and would it not be better for your state of mind if you were content with everything at the first time of asking?


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