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January 10, 2018
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Internet Marketing in 2018

02 February, 2021

Let’s face it, trying to effectively market yourself on the Internet is always difficult especially as the industry continues to grow on what appears to be a daily basis. At times, you may feel as if you are fighting a losing battle which is why it could be useful for you to take advantage of the main future ideas for marketing before anybody else.

For that, it is interesting to look at the expected trends for 2018 so you can begin to implement a plan in advance which should make it easier to then take advantage of these ideas.

  1. Content Marketing is Key.

Content marketing has been important for some time now, but concise and effective content is going to continue to be on trend throughout 2018. The main idea in this area is that you get to the point as quickly as possible as people do not have the time to sit and work through a huge volume of content just for those few pieces of gold.

This becomes even more important when you consider that more people are now using their cellphones to navigate websites. As you would expect, they do not have the space to browse through a book, so keep it neat and your marketing will work out.

  1. Always Remember to Keep it Responsive.

Your website has to include a responsive design and this is based on the sheer number of people that use their phone to check out what you are doing. Having a responsive design that makes it easier for them to navigate your website is also a part of marketing, so if you have not already incorporated this into your design, then you are missing out on a huge part of your potential market.

This is something that you can check yourself by going to your website on your phone. Does it all condense and still look good where you can see everything on the one screen? If that is the case, then good. However, if you have to scroll around like crazy to see everything, then it’s time for a revamp.

  1. Influencer Marketing is Important.

Influencer marketing has been on the rise, but in the past it has been linked to the major players on social media that have a huge following. However, it is now the case that even the smallest of content producers on social media are wanting to get in on the act.

For this, you should look at using individuals that are clearly in your target market, and make sure that their audience is the same, but understand the rates for the industry when it comes to them promoting your products. Of course, those individuals may have an inflated sense of what they are worth, so do not allow yourself to be held to ransom as that is not going to do you any good at all.

  1. Email Marketing is Hanging Around.

If you thought that email marketing would have long been dead, then you are wrong. Instead, it has seen something of a resurgence in recent times, and that is a trend that is going to continue throughout 2018.

One major shift is going to be with the increased use of interactive email. It is something that has been around for some time without being fully implemented by companies, but that is all about to change. An email is now going to have more than just a link for people to click on, so getting some design help in their creation is going to prove to be popular.

  1. Becoming More Intelligent with Social Media.

Social media has to play a major role in marketing throughout 2018, but you need to be more intelligent with your approach. Yes, you have to be on these websites in order to make your presence felt, but there is something about not just putting any old thing on your profiles that is going to become more popular.

Keeping things concise, and making sure that every portal is linked will increase customer awareness of your brand, so using tools that allow you to do this from the one screen will be helpful.

As with any other trends, there is no reason for you to go ahead and adopt the techniques or methods as part of your own approach to marketing. However, when you think about how tough your industry is going to be, then you need to ask yourself the question as to whether or not it will prove to be useful to you to ignore it.