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Is Your Ecommerce Website Modern Enough For The Market?

ecommThere is probably no need to go over the importance of having an ecommerce website as readers will have already launched this part of their business. However, it is important to look at other aspects and one is how it appears to your customers especially if it is a number of years since you had this part of your website designed.

You see, it is important to view your ecommerce website in the exact same way as a real life store. Now, would you allow your real life store to look tired and not update it every now and again? How do you think that would come across to those customers that ventured inside?

Clearly if the inside of your real life store was dated and tired looking they would be more reluctant to spend money with you. They are going to view your business as perhaps being on its knees or you either do not care about your business or do not care about your customers. How do you think that is going to impact on your sales? Obviously they are going to take a nose dive in an instant and the exact same thing applies to your ecommerce store.

Keeping Things Fresh And Up To Date.

What we are saying is that it is important to keep your online store looking fresh and up to date. Gone are the days of it just being a list of products with minimal information because now the public expect so much more when shopping online.

One thing that you need to think about carefully is the page that they land on when they click through to your store. This page is akin to that shop window on the street for a real life store and you know how important it is for that window to be appealing to people so that they feel drawn in and tempted into spending money.

What people are doing now, and it is perhaps something that you should consider, is using large images on the landing page rather than the old method of basically throwing people right into the heart of the store. The trend now is to rely on good navigation from the shop front page and just to make it teasing and enticing so that the visitor feels like exploring and discovering what you have to offer.

This clearly means that we need to look at the design of your site and the current trend is for flat graphics so all of those 3D buttons need to go. You should also consider getting rid of what can only be described as gimmicks that were previously used to make your site look more interesting because now they are viewed as being annoying rather than anything else. Now, people expect an ecommerce store to look professional no matter the size of your business, so use colors that work well together and go for quality images to get a far more slick look.

The Listings.

Obviously the listings are important, but this is another area where things have changed in recent times. If your site is a few years old then you probably have things listed in a simplistic fashion where you have a thumbnail image, the name of the product, and then the price.

However, now you need to think bigger as people expect initial listings to have more details on the product that they can read before they then click through to the full page. Visitors want to be able to decide in an instant if they actually want to find out more, so you need to draw them in with a short sales pitch for those items in order to encourage them. An image and the product name is no longer enough. Even just one line can make a huge difference.

The only other thing that we should really discuss is giving your visitors information on their security. People are still very wary of spending online even though sales continue to increase, but they want to know that their credit cards or Paypal account will be safe at all times. Let them know what happens with their details and that they are protected and if you have any extra protection in place, such as being listed as a better business, then put it on there to build confidence.

What we are trying to say is that your ecommerce website needs to move with the times and that does mean changing designs as trends come and go. You would not leave a real life store such in the past, so why would you go and do the same with something that is online?

Your online store forms an integral part of your business and it is absolute madness to make a mess of things simply by neglecting it and believing that it will always work with the design and layout that you have in place. Do yourself a favor and get an expert to look at it and determine how things can be updated and you can be pretty much assured that your sales will increase as a result.

Now, does that not sound appealing the very fact that you can increase your turnover?

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