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December 29, 2016
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The Direction of Internet Marketing in 2017

02 February, 2021

Webfoot Digital MarketingMarketing online is something that is going to change on a regular basis and the methods that are employed at this moment in time may not be in vogue even six months later. However, even though this in itself is rather annoying and makes life difficult, there is no doubt that it does mean that you have to be kept on your toes and aware of what is going on.

So, if we can then look into the future even just slightly and see what is likely to be in store for 2017, we may then be able to give you some kind of advantage over those that are indeed left lagging behind.

1. Video is Growing Stronger.

If you have not so far used video when it comes to your Internet marketing, then it is about time that it changes.

People simply love video and you do not even have to go ahead and make it as spectacular as you think. Instead, our advice is to keep things short as attention spans are generally not that good and always make sure that you get your point across as succinctly as possible. Video marketing campaigns get amazing returns so not taking advantage of this is really going to be an absolute sin.

2. Consider Business Storytelling.

If you were of the opinion that business storytelling was just another way of saying that you have an ‘About Us’ page, then think again. Instead, this approach to marketing is all about trying to really connect with your potential customer by telling them the story about your business and what you do.

With this, you need to really put across the human voice of who you are and stop just trying to sell yourself at every single opportunity. That is just not going to hold water any longer so instead you have to be honest about your aims, company, and anything else that inspires you. Giving this other side to you and what you are about makes it easier for customers to then connect and it has been shown that they are more loyal to those kinds of brands and names than those that they just stumble across.

3. Never Forget the Apps.

We all know that apps are popular and they have been playing a role in marketing for some time. However, with more and more focus being put on mobile usage in general, it makes sense that there has to be some focus on apps as well.

Here is the thing. Google has started to index apps and that does also mean that having your own app for the sake of your business is going to become even more important than ever before. People are used to using them and it is going to be worth your while spending the time and money to develop your own app related to your brand or business as part of your marketing strategy.

4. Think About Virtual Reality.

Now, at this moment in time it is impossible to predict what is going to happen with virtual reality headsets and technology in general. It was initially believed that it could be one of those passing trends, but then Pokemon Go did seem to manage to change the impression that people had of the technology.

This is now believed to be an area that could be developed by people interested in Internet marketing. With this, it is going to be absolutely possible for you to market your services or products in an alternative dimension thanks to virtual reality. It does sound a bit out there and as if it is science fiction, but it is actually science fact.

5. Remember the Internet of Things.

Finally, you will notice that there is a real shift in targeting the Internet of things in the next year. The main focus will be on smartwatches as they have certainly had quite a good impact since they were released. This will allow you as marketers to consider different campaigns aimed at those smartwatches as it is another possible way of accessing your customers even when they are on the move.

It is believed that by accessing this entire Internet of Things that companies will be able to effectively tailor marketing messages to their direct market and potential customers. This is encouraging to say the least although it still has to be determined as to how this entire process is going to actually work.

Basically, what we are saying here is that 2017 is going to see Internet Marketing spreading into various new areas or at least those areas where there is a substantial possibility for growth. However, as we said at the outset, there is no way of guaranteeing that the things we have mentioned are going to really take hold in the way that they are expected to. It may be annoying for some, but it is just a prime example of how you need to be alert to all possibilities with your marketing online.