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Website Analytics – Why They Are Important

If you have a website and ever take a look at your control panel with your hosting, then you may have noticed a section that deals with analytics. Now, this is often a section that people will simply gloss over and feel that it is more for their webmaster, or anybody that deals with the technical side of the website, but this is not the case. Instead, you should take a real interest yourself for reasons that will now be explained.

Analytics Help You Know How Popular Your Site Is

Website AnalyticsFirst, this is the place where you will find out how many hits your website is receiving and knowing how popular you are, or unpopular in some cases, is always rather interesting to know. By actually seeing how many people are visiting your website, it will mean that you will learn if you are on the right path and are growing or if there is a need for you to perhaps change your marketing strategy. However, do note that it is best to look at unique hits to see how many individual people are checking out your site rather than just the same batch going back repeatedly.

Analytics Help You Know What People Are Looking At And For How Long

If you delve deeper into the analytics you will learn all about the individual pages that are being viewed, and which ones are most popular, as well as how long people tend to stay on your website before clicking off. This is clearly very important information as you can learn about the pages that are clearly giving your visitor something whilst others are acting as a bit of a turn off. From a business point of view, you can then determine the changes that need to be made to increase these stats especially with the length of time they are hanging around your website. Basically, if they are landing and clicking off what does that tell you? Well, it says that your home page sucks, but then that is where your web designer can help.

Analytics Let You Know Where Visitors Are Coming From

There is a section in the web analytics that is extremely useful and that is where it lists the various keywords and terms that people have used in a search to ultimately land on your website. You can see why this is useful information as it will help you to assess how well your Internet marketing and search engine optimization is working and it also makes it easier to then alter your approach. In short, if you see that you are getting a number of hits from certain terms, then maybe it would be useful for you to put some effort into marketing these keywords as they are already working? Why continue to spend money on terms that next to nobody appears to be clicking on?

This section will also tell you the countries that people are coming from and it just helps you to determine if you are hitting the correct market. If you are focusing on the United States, but you are getting more hits from the United Kingdom, then surely you need to wonder why that is the case?

Analytics Helps You Identify Site Errors

Perhaps the other key area within the web analytics is a section where it tells you of errors within your website and even though you may not fully understand what is going on, this is something that your webmaster really should be taking notice of. When you look at it, you will see different error numbers and even though the figures might be high you should also note that this will pick up errors that are as a result of issues outwith your control. This is something that can be explained to you by your webmaster if you are at all concerned.

What To Take From This?

So what should you really take from all of this? Well, it really tells you so much about the inner workings of your site and the key is to then take this information and do something useful with it. Are people bouncing straight off? Well, maybe you need to change what people see as soon as they land? Are people only checking out one page? Perhaps you need to make it easier for them to click through to other pages? Maybe your keywords are not as effective as you hoped? Change them and discuss your findings with an SEO expert who can help you take advantage.

Your best course of action is to examine these analytics on a regular basis and discuss them with an expert that fully understands what everything means and how you can. Get a good web designer and internet marketing expert and grant them access to these statistics. Allow them to then work their magic on your site or marketing approach and you will more than likely be amazed at the turn around in your fortunes. Do yourself and your website a favor and contact us here at now to see how we can help.


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