Incorporating SEO Into Your Blog Posts

If you either already operate a blog or are intending to do so, then you may forget about using SEO in order to boost each and every post that you write. However, if this is indeed the case, then you are not alone and the difference that it could make to the exposure that your posts would then receive is astonishing.

This becomes an even bigger problem when the blog part of your website is not even the main reason for it existing. People will tend to focus on other aspects of the website and all of their SEO work will go on the home page and even the ‘about us’ page. The blog is left alone, but then even if you are planning on changing how you approach it and incorporating some optimization, how do you do it? Well, it is all too easy to go wrong if you are not careful.

1. Focus on just one or two keywords.

The first thing to consider is that you should not overdo the keywords that you then focus on. Instead, it is best to look at concentrating on just one or two keywords and no more. You can then have slight variations in how they are included in your post so you can play around, but the actual core keywords should be limited.

Trying to include too many different keywords is only going to lead to your post looking rather disjointed and it will be difficult to keep it on track if your mind is pretty much entirely focused on trying to include those keywords.

2. Consider long-tail keywords.

One thing that has changed is that people are becoming better at searching using rather extended terms. This means that they really do know what they are looking for and they seek to get as precise an answer as possible. It used to be the case that people were often rather generic when they were searching.

From your perspective, you should take those one or two keywords that you have decided to focus on and look at the ways in which people are using them in order to carry out searches. It is then in your best interest to look at how to incorporate them into each and every blog post. Remember, this is going to really boost your organic search results for each and every topic that you are blogging about.

3. Remember the images.

A lot of people also include images when they are writing their blog posts, and if this is what you are doing then you should not miss them out when it comes to SEO. For this, you have to go ahead and make sure that the ALT Image tags are included since even that can boost the way in which people pick up your posts.

You must remember that search engines cannot really search for those images directly and they focus on using words as tags. If you do not do this, then they will not be able to pick up on them and you will then be missing out on some extra traffic.

4. You can include the meta tags.

If you are using the likes of WordPress, then you will have the option to include some plugins that help with SEO and you need to go ahead and use them to your advantage as often as possible. Yoast is certainly one of the most popular and this has been shown to help boost awareness of blog posts and yet the crazy thing is that a lot of individuals might install it, but they will then not bother actually doing it.

This is sheer madness because all you have to do is basically complete the different boxes that come with each page or post that you are creating and it pretty much does everything for you. Now, if it is that simple then why would you want to just not do it because of being lazy?

Blog posts are knowing to play an important role in the development of a website and increasing awareness of what you are all about. More and more businesses are being tempted into running a blog as a direct result of this and we are not just talking about major companies either. Anybody can do this and your blog posts do not even have to be that long. However, regularity is certainly important so even if you do one post every single week then you are going to benefit from it.

At the end of the day, drop that idea of just putting up a post and leaving it for anybody to find. You have to take the post to those people that will be most interested in what you are talking about and how are they going to find you in the sea of posts that are out there on the Internet if you do not give them what they are looking for.

The Flexibility Of CMS

To the untrained eye, the entire concept of web design is a world that is confusing and with various accumulations of letters that apparently mean important things, but which appear to make no sense at all. If you look at the resume of some web designers you would be forgiven for thinking it resembled random letters from a word game as you see things such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT and many more and yes you may be impressed in some way, but do you really understand it? How does all of this make a difference to you when you are just looking for a website? Does it make a difference?

Joomla! and WordPress CMS DevelopersYou see, when it comes to having a website designed you do actually start off with a number of options. The main thing to think about is how your website is going to be built and in some ways it does depend as to what you want it to do for the direction that you need to go. Right now, we can discount the likes of PHP and instead focus more on just two sets of letters. HTML and CMS.

What They Both Mean

HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language while CMS is the shortened form of Content Management System. Both undoubtedly have their place in the world of web design, but there are a number of key differences between the two that may very well have an impact on your decision as to which one you should use.

Basically, HTML is better for a website where it is static and not going to change at any point whereas CMS offers you so much more flexibility that it has now become the key choice for the majority of websites that are now being built around the world.

What options are there within CMS?

There are two main software packages used in order to produce a website in this way. These options are Joomla! and WordPress and even though there are many others such as Drupal and Concrete5 for example, there is no doubt that these two really are the market leaders. Why? Simply because of how easy it is to use them as well as the number of plugins that are available that can take your site from being just a bunch of words and images and transform it into something that is seriously cool and interactive. Do you know the best part? The program does most of the hard work for you although clearly you still need professional help in order to produce something that is unique to you.

CMS Makes Your Site More Fluid

By using a framework such as Joomla!! or WordPress it does mean that changes can be made to your site instantly. If you have a business and you need to include new images, then that is very straightforward. How about changing prices? That is also not a problem. In actual fact, anything can pretty much be done to a CMS website in a short space of time.

You should also take a look at the WordPress or Joomla! sites yourself and just look at all of the extensions that are available. Why have static images when you can have a cool gallery? Include links to social media sites, play videos, get comments, message boards, there really is so much that can be done, so these sites can easily be tailor made to suit your own specific needs and surely that alone is a wonderful thing for a business to know?

Help With SEO

SEO is important with any website, but when you have a company that knows what it is doing with both Search Engine Optimization as well as web design, then you have a powerful combination. However, with the likes of WordPress and Joomla! it does make it that bit easier for the correct information to be entered into the website to make sure that it is picked up by the search engines. You do still need to have the correct work carried out in order to get the results that you desired, but it is easy to do things such as adding the correct information to images, keywords, correct tags, and other small things that can make a huge difference to your positioning.

Designs Are Easier to Change with CMS

The problem with a site made with HTML is that it involves a lot of coding work in order to change the design. However, with the likes of WordPress and Joomla! that is not a problem because instead the entire design can be worked on behind the scenes before being made live and then moving sections around also become a whole lot easier. It just means that customer satisfaction is not a problem and when you are paying money for your website, then clearly you want it to be absolutely perfect at all times don’t you?

Can I update a CMS from my location?

You can!  And you need not know a single piece of code.  We have taught hundreds of customers how to login and make site changes and updates to their websites, and you can too!  We will take care of the hard part, the coding, and the setup, leaving you with only the easy part of making site updates.  If you can operate a simple word processor such as Microsoft Word, then you can updated your website in a CMS, it truly is that simple.

Your Next Step

So your next step is to work out what you want from your website and to then contact us at 815-468-1524 to arrange an appointment with one of the members of our team.  We are Joomla! and WordPress experts and we can take your ideas for your website and turn it into a stunning reality and we can provide your business with the website that it really does deserve. Go with a CMS website and make your life a whole lot easier in the process.

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